Image of 100 meters athletes in action with intentional blurring.Nutromic Sports Nutrition is the culmination of a joint 50 years experience in the area of sports science and nutritional ergogenics for founders Yosef Johnson and Rick Brunner. Both have extensive experience working with the top scientists from the former Soviet Union. Yosef owns Ultimate Athlete Concepts, which publishes many books from the great scientists like Yuri Verkhoshansky, Anatoliy Bondarchuk, Vladimir Issurin and Michael Yessis; not to mention Rick’s newest book,” Explosive Ergoegenics for Athletes”.  He also has worked with many athletes and serves as an advisor for multiple college programs like Michigan Tech, University of Richmond and the University of Wisconsin Whitewater among others. This background has allowed him to test out the formulation ideas of Rick in an intelligent and methodical way.

Rick’s expertise has been honed over decades of diligently scouring the databases of countries like the former USSR and Bulgaria to discover what hidden knowledge could be discovered in the field of nutritional ergogenics. This led him to several trips to both countries during the Cold War and regular communication with scientists like Nikolai Yakovlev, Sergey Popov, Victor Rogozkin, Michael Kalinski and Atko Viru. These scientists, along with Verkhoshansky and Bondarchuk helped elucidate the deep scientific concepts used by the Soviets. In fact, one such trip to the USSR resulted in Rick learning about creatine and introducing it to the U.S. as well as several other unique nutritional ergoegnics.  In testament to Rick’s education, he was awarded two medals, one by Goskomsport USSR, the Soviet National Program (Moscow, Russia), and one from the All-Russian Track and Field Federation (Leningrad, Russia)..

It cannot be overstated the incredible and unprecedented prestige and respect bestowed upon Rick as an American by his Soviet peers. Fast forward to 2014, the Soviet Union is no more and the Sports Culture is a shell of it’s former self. Nonetheless, there is very cutting edge research still being conducted in Russia in the area of genetic research as it relates to athletes. This research among others in the world was the impetus for Explosive Ergogenics for Athletes and Nutromic Sports Nutrition. We realize there is a wealth of knowledge that is available outside the english language and this has served as a great impediment. Thus, we are excited to introduce it to the U.S. market and all other english speaking people. You will not find anything like Nutromic Sports as we will always introduce the cutting edge and any would be competitor will always be behind the curve and simply imitating.