Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know MYOSYNC works?

Over the past ten years, before launching MYOSYNC, it underwent extensive “real world” testing with well-trained speed-strength athletes (high school, college, and professional) in several sports. We even tested it with master’s level athletes (golf, billiards, table tennis) who tend to have reduced neuromuscular reaction, timing and speed. Testing taught us a lot and also allowed us to tweak the formula as new ingredients were discovered to create even greater synergy. MYOSYNC speaks for itself. Provided you train properly, calling upon speed-strength traits near or at their threshold, you will experience noticeable gains.

How fast will I notice an improvement when using MYOSYNC?

Because MYOSYNC is designed for use before a workout or competition you should notice a positive effect during this workout or competition. Short-term results last a few hours, plenty of time for a workout and even most competitions. Long-term results, thanks to an adaptive response, can carry over into future workouts. MYOSYNC is not a short-term fix but rather a long-term adaptive response ergogenic nutritional.

image of male body builder for frequently asked questions page How should I train when using MYOSYNC?

This is an important question. MYOSYNC is only going to be as productive as the sport-specific functional stress you place your body under which allows it to amplify great muscle forces. Knowing that MYOSYNC helps you to maximize muscle force and timing, your workouts must be focused on achieving maximal and supra-maximal muscle contractions. These types of contractions would be best achieved during maximal lifts, max and over-speed sprints and drills, as well as shock methods such as drop jumps and plyometrics for example.

What should I expect during competition when using MYOSYNC?

MYOSYNC will allow you to perform at a higher level in competition if you’ve achieved greater muscle forces during sport-specific drills in training. In addition, during competition it’s common to experience an improvement in timing and balance. This may have something to do with improved ocular (eye) or vestibular (inner ear balance) processes that allow for fine-tuned form, but we have not yet studied this specifically.

How do I know your products are safe?

Nutromic Sport Nutrition supplements are made from natural ingredients shown to be safe for human consumption. Over the past decade we’ve tested many of the ingredients and final products within the training cycles of competitive speed-strength athletes. All formulas are manufactured in a Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP), Rx and OTC pharmaceutical manufacturing facility enforced by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Are Nutromic supplements considered drugs or PED’s?

No, Nutromic supplements are not drugs and they are not banned by any sport anti-doping agency as none of their ingredients are on any banned list. We also purchase our ingredients from reputable high-quality suppliers we have bought from for many years.

How do your supplements compare with other popular sport supplements?

Nutromic sport supplements are different. We focus on the creation of specific nutrigenomic effects from our supplements. This means we formulate to have them turn on specific genes and metabolic pathways that influence the adaptive responses from speed-strength training that these athletes need to maximize to win.

Can I take your supplements before workouts and competitions?

The only supplement we make that we recommend for use before workouts and competition is MYOSYNC. This is the first product we’ve introduced because of what it can do to boost performance right away. MYOSYNC is consumed before high-intensity exercise and competition because it helps to enhance sport specific motor unit recruitment for improved firing rates and synchronicity. We do not recommend that you consume other products before or during training. Most supplements on the market, especially the powdered and ready-to-drink pre-workout products may actually reduce your adaptive response to training (they can turn off stress response pathways essential for adaptation) and slow or stop gains in the power traits.

Can I take other supplements like creatine and whey protein with Nutromic supplements?

Yes. In no way did we intend to cover every pathway for performance enhancement. Our research and development focus is nutrigenomic and is targeted mainly at building neuromuscular force and muscular anabolic response pathways. We recommend high quality protein supplements and creatine to the athletes we work with all the time because they can be synergistic with what we make.

I’ve tried a lot of supplements and nothing seems to work for me much. How will Nutromic supplements be any different?

We feel your pain. We’ve reviewed many sport supplements since 1984. What we formulated in the past for athletes we would never make today because the ingredients and the science are so much better now, so much more exact. Sport nutrition science is ever moving forward, and we’re always searching for new natural ways to help you make gains that will help you win. The old nutrition science was based mostly on the research with sick folks or untrained individuals. Sport supplements sold in the 1980’s and 90’s were mostly guesswork, unless they were vetted by elite coaches and teams such as those of the former Soviet Union. Well-trained athletes demand better supplements. In the past five years the science has gotten much better, there’s a lot more of it, plus the gene and nutrient research conducted on well-trained and elite athletes is exploding. The reason many sport supplements didn’t perform well in the past is because they were genetically not targeted at improving speed-strength qualities (they were made for bodybuilders or endurance athletes) and many were also of poor quality, sub-optimal dose, and timed wrong with training. Sport nutrition is getting better. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s improving by leaps. We know you’ll experience more gains when taking Nutromic sport supplements within your well-planned sport specific training program and we’re here to help you get the most out of each supplement.

Why are many sport supplements so expensive and yet often seem so useless?

We know what you mean. Some of the reason falls on the price of the ingredients, some on the fact that many companies take a MAG (maximum allowable gouge or overcharge), and many products sold at retail are marked up seven or more (sometimes 10X) times what it costs to produce the supplement. We’ve created dozens of formulas for many brands over the years and when we decided to create Nutromic sports nutrition we wanted to supply supplements that performed at the highest level and are of great value to you. We want you as a loyal customer, someone who values remarkable supplements, sees the results great nutritional ergogenics can yield, and will also tell their friends. You won’t find Nutromic products sold at retail shops. You also won’t find us running expensive ads. We pretty much roll via word of performance- your performance. And we’re here to help you with training tips because from experience we know how these supplements perform and what your training needs to do to create the optimal functional stress environment – so you respond and adapt maximally. Because winning is not an accident!

I’m entering high school soon so can your supplements help me get stronger and faster?

Fair question and one that young athletes often ask us. We can tell you from experience training many young athletes, including our own kids during their high school years that it’s most important to build a proper nutritional foundation first rather than reach for some magic pill that you aren’t ready for. Nutromic supplements are designed for well-trained athletes. An athlete could be younger but they should be ready to step up their explosive training to take advantage of the base preparation they’ve already built. Young athletes like you should start by eating right, taking a high quality multivitamin, some fish oil, and whey protein first. This is what we recommend even for our elite and pro athletes. Once you’ve developed a good base of muscle size and strength and are transitioning into more speed-strength methodics and higher volumes in your workouts then you can add in Nutromic supplements.