About Nutromic

Nutromic Sport Nutrition was born from the demands by serious competitive athletes for nutritional support that will help them build athletic traits like reaction speed, starting force, maximal strength, power endurance,fine-motor timing, and striking force at a faster rate. Our goal as researchers, formulators, and coaches is focused on helping to build the traits that separate the elite level athlete from the average athlete. The nutritionals we research, create, and manufacture are designed to positively influence those genes modern science has shown to be elevated and activated at a higher level in elite athletes.

It’image of dna strand for about nutromic pages a simple fact that smart training combined with smart nutrition (supplements for building true athlete traits) yields exceptional sport results. Tragically, almost 100% of the sport nutrition on the market today is not designed for high level competitive athletes. They’re made for the masses and often sold through mass market stores. This is a problem because making a supplement for the masses waters down the results and short changes those athletes who seek greatness. We know this because we’ve consulted with and supplied some of the best athletes in the world, in many sports, with elite level nutrition for over 25 years. We’ve seen what lousy sport nutrition can’t do and we’ve seen what exceptional sport nutrition can do. There is a huge difference in the outcome.
At Nutromic Sport Nutrition we research ways to create performance synergy by combining smart training methodics with science based high quality performance supplements that are focused on helping athletes accelerate the building of speed-strength and power traits. The synergistic formulas we make are epigenetic, meaning they influence specific genes that help to make an elite athlete. They are performance focused, tested on many athletes in real-world training, and fairly priced for long-term use. We are not in this for the masses; we are in this to help those athletes who aspire for a higher level of performance to achieve their goal- those who want the college scholarship, the medal, the ring, or the fat paycheck. If this is you, then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome.