About Myosync

MYOSYNC is the very first supplement designed to optimize the synchronization between your nervous system and your muscle system. Your muscles will fire at greater force in-sync during your training and competition. When your muscles are able to fire at a higher threshold, with greater speed, unity, and adaptability you will be able to achieve performance gains never before seen in PED free athletes.

Ask yourself this question: What separates an average athlete in your sport from the most elite athlete? The wide receiver that consistently makes “uncatchable” catches in the end zone for touchdowns. The batter who can see a 100 mph fastball as if it was floating in at 80. The hockey player who reacts and moves with great speed to where the puck is headed before anyone else. Add your own specific sport scenario for elite level play.

Name any sport where speed, power, and reaction rule the day and what often separates the average guy or gal from the elite athlete is how their muscles perform in-sync faster, with greater speed, force, timing and fluidity.

We’ve examined how MYOSYNC performs under many different training and competitive situations. It will consistently perform provided your training demands greater nerve-muscle synchronization. MYOSYNC will not work during easy training as a threshold for neuromuscular synchronicity is not reached. Don’t train like a bodybuilder or an endurance athlete while using MYOSYNC. And don’t use it during restorative cycles of low-load workouts. Use only when you are working out with great speed, power, force, and reaction. This includes such exercise as plyometrics, max lifts, and various other shock methods or overreaching speed-strength methodics. Use of MYOSYNC during competition is highly recommended.

What we’ve also seen from MYOSYNC during much applied research is that even when you aren’t taking it before a following workout, your performance will often improve nonetheless. At first we were surprised by this, thinking that MYOSYNC was a single-workout performance enhancer. But as we worked with many athletes from various sports we recognized that MYOSYNC is in fact an adaptive accelerant. Your training with it allows your neuromuscular milieu (environment) to adapt to ever-higher levels of performance, consistently over time- workout after workout, competition after competition, mesocycle after mesocycle, and season after season. And that’s a very good result and an outcome that separates the average athlete from the elite.